About Us

Who is Barefoot Bowls Australia?

We are bowlers ourselves and we’ve seen the power that functions or barefoot bowls can give clubs, through financial security. We love bowling clubs and we hate seeing clubs fold. We know that not every club has the reach online or the digital knowhow to attract function enquiries through their website. From this simple premise, our site was born.


The site helps people find clubs near them and make it easy for them to enquire, thus increasing function enquiries and revenue opportunities for clubs right across Australia.


We’ve created an ‘easy to use’ and ‘easy to find’ platform online for the public to use, to find every club in the country! Now people simply search by location and enquire to clubs directly through our site.


Whether clubs offer barefoot bowls functions, or only do venue hire; no matter! This is the platform that puts clubs in front of literally 1000’s of people a month. In the summer months we’re talking over 10,000 people looking to book an event at a bowls club, every month.


We offer premium advertising features to help cover our overheads and allow us to keep improving the site. Clubs can utilise these features to stand out on in their local area and attract more enquiries. It’s a win-win!

Being a part of the BarefootBowls community has been fantastic for our club. We are getting lots of enquiries & have secured many bookings through your website.

Thank you so much for your help in getting our club ‘out there’ & seen by people who are interested in our great, fun sport!”

– Jacqui Turpie, Committee Member @ Greythorn Bowling Club (VIC)

I came across the barefoot bowls website and have used it regularly to book games. It is so much much easier to send an email to the clubs when I think about it and not have to worry about whether the club is open or not.

I would just like to thank the administrators of the website for the great innovation and hope all bowls clubs join the site.

– Roger Adams, Entertainment Coordinator @ Qld
Caravan Club

Meet the Team

Ryan & Simon founded BarefootBowls.com.au in 2017 as a labour of love. Free listings were given to all, starting in Melbourne before going Australia wide.

Barefoot Bowls Australia is now part of the marketing budget for many clubs across the country. With over 1,700 club listings, we have facilitated 10’s of thousands of enquiries to clubs across Australia. We also rank for every known ‘barefoot bowls’ term on Google to help generate exposure for all clubs.

We then built Bowls Exchange! This offers clubs a ‘club-to-bowlers’ platform where they can post lawn bowls tournaments, bowls comps, roll-ups and general club events online. Bowls Exchange allows interested bowlers to contact participating clubs directly and register for their upcoming events.

Ryan Winney Profile Photo

Ryan Winney

When he’s not bowling, with his family in the park and enjoying Queensland’s Sunny Coast.


Club Management, Community Engagement, Sales and Marketing

Bio Info

Born in QLD, lived in VIC for 15+ years and now lives in QLD. Involved in the sporting industry for over 30 years, with direct sales and management experience in the golf & fitness equipment sectors. Collaboration experience with clubs, hotels, council properties, government entities and the public.

Club Experience

Ryan was the Treasurer at Brunswick Bowling Club for a 10-year period. Complete experience in all aspects of board management. Involved with reconnecting the club with the local coummunity and re-establishing the bowling section. Renewal of  healthy local council communication. Formulation of financial strategies, compliance, grant application processes, planning and building new infrastructure.

Ryan has consulted with several bowling clubs in the Melbourne area to achieve positive results.

Meet SG

Simon Grout

When he’s not bowling, he’s off on a long motorcycle ride through the National Parks and enjoying the Sydney’s beaches.


Digital Marketing, Club Operations, Function Management

Bio Info

Born in WA, lived in VIC for 6 years, now lives in NSW. Has over 10 years experience in sales and marketing. Passionate about Marketing, Management and Bowls Clubs!

Club Experience

Successfully managed the Brunswick Bowling Club for 4 years where he doubled the annual revenue through strategic venue management, marketing and function sales. He introduced a commercial kitchen for catering opportunities and created various other new revenue streams whilst boosting the clubs’ brand / public image.
He ran regular social bowling competitions, trivia nights and raised thousands of dollars for charities through large community events. He is skilled at building supplier relations and understands both the operational and political workings of clubs.
Simon has consulted for many bowling clubs, advising on management procedures, function fees, revenue streams and more. He is a big believer in enabling clubs to realise their value by giving them the tools to properly sell they unique offerings as clubs (and not just another venue).

Our Purpose

When people search for a club nearby or by location (on our site, or on Google), we strive to showcase each club in Australia with a modern, user-friendly webpage online. We at Barefoot Bowls Australia aim to increase the awareness of bowls as a sport and provide a platform that drives club enquiries.


Over the years, we’ve seen too many clubs fold due to financial hardship. Bowling Clubs are an essential part of our local area. They create a sense of community within their walls where we can meet people, play sports and feel part of something.


We understand that some clubs don’t have a big financial backing and that is why we exist. Through a fair and respectful structure, we help clubs increase their ability to earn and stay viable for future generations to enjoy.

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