Bowling Club Consultancy Services

Setup Your Club For Barefoot Bowlers

We can help you get more function enquiry, but how are you handling them?

As bowlers ourselves, at Barefoot Bowls, we care about the longevity of bowling clubs everywhere. We commonly find that some clubs aren’t set up properly for functions and events.

List your club here for Barefoot Bowls and increase your enquiries, but have you thought about your function pricing? What areas do you reserve for functions? How do your staff or volunteers handle groups when they arrive? These are just some of the important questions you need to ask, to make sure people remember your club for all the right reasons! Sporting Club Consultancy offers consulting services for Lawn Bowling Clubs throughout Australia.

We recommend the services of someone who can help you get your club setup for visitors and barefoot bowlers. Create an environment where people feel welcome and where they are likely to come back; its about creating customers for life, not just a once off.

We use the services of a Victorian company called Sporting Club Consultancy, who understands the challenges that Bowling Clubs face with functions and barefoot bowling parties. Speak to Simon from Sporting Club Consultancy for more information.