Middle Park Bowling Club

Located in the Heart of Albert Park

Middle Park Bowling Club

Barefoot Bowls Albert Park

Barefoot Bowls Middle Park

Middle Park Bowling Club is located right in the centre of Albert Park. It is right beside the 96 tram line stop and so easy to access from Melbourne and St Kilda. It is the perfect place to have a barefoot bowls corporate function or Christmas Party or just have a casual roll up with mates. Come and see the best barefoot bowls Middle Park has to offer!

With over 20 rinks there is and lots of space surrounding the green to give all the groups a comfortable spot to sit and socialise. There is lots of car parking space on the bowls club grounds and more parking adjacent to the bowls club.

Lawn Bowls Party Melbourne

Middle Park is a welcoming club for smaller group and walk in traffic or if you are looking to book a larger barefoot bowls party or corporate bowls function there is space outside and a large area inside the clubhouse. You can also just simply do a bowls club venue hire only to run a birthday party or a corporate event after dark. Friendly staff are on hand to assist you.

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